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 Application and Advance:Diabetes and the Glucose transporters   Application and Advance:Cystic fibrosis£¬CF   ¡¡

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Welcome the new students!  [2013-11-05].
Associate professor Hu Qiping participated in Editing Conference of the National Higher Education boutique resource sharing Textbook  [2013-04-28].

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   After learning Cell Biology, students should possess the basic theory and experimen-tal skill of Cell Biology. The basic theory include primary structure and function of various organelles, the vital activities of cell, and the principles and applications of cell biological techniques; the experimental skill include revealing and identification of various organelles under the microscope, ...

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    Department of Cell Biology and Genetics is a powerful teachers department, which possesses 5 persons of faculty, including 1 professor, 2 associate professors, 1 lecturer, and . Each faculty is good at certain a field, and all of them are contributing their vigour to the develop of department and university.

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